The Weary Traveler

Part One.  (WIP) As the sun licked the tops of the mountains I set about to find the most comfortable log or rock I could, along the side of the road, to sit on.  It was still very early, but I had made it my mission to be on the road before sunrise each and … Continue reading The Weary Traveler

Australian MX Nationals 2016

Here's a "hats off" to our moto-friends down-under. Not only do they seem to realize the monetary importance of major motorsports, but they really seem to want to include everyone. It's sad here in the US to see what has happened to the motorsport mindset over the past four decades. Seems we are much more … Continue reading Australian MX Nationals 2016

Bathurst 12 Hour 2016

If you know, even a little bit about racing and motorsports the world over, then the name Bathurst conjures up images of perhaps one of the greatest race tracks in the world. This weekend the annual 12 hour endurance event will take place around the Mount Panorama circuit.  There is so much legend and history … Continue reading Bathurst 12 Hour 2016